Ecology Sustainability Conservation Platform
Professors: Hannes Stiefel and Luciano Parodi

On Stage
 "Das Theater, angesiedelt in dem Riss zwischen der Zeit des Subjekts und der Zeit der Geschichte, ist eine der letzten Wohnungen der Utopie." Heiner Müller, TRANSIT EUROPA, 1983
Studio Brief: The goal of this studio is to develop comprehensive design proposals for buildings in which, or through which »a unique intersection of aesthetically organized and everyday real life takes place«.(1) We will design a theater, the place where »heterogeneous performances are translated into one another«.(2) The programmatic base for the project is the competition brief for the Haus der Musik in Innsbruck (2014). A theater shall be conceived for a site east of the medieval city center of Innsbruck, an area that has accommodated theaters since the 17th century. The plot is characterized by its neighborhood of landmarked buildings from diverse epochs. The historical context of the site positions the project to be developed in our platform’s topic of Cultural Heritage. We understand the task of Cultural Heritage as transformative practice rather than as a duty of conservation.
What kind of theater space is required by the complex, dynamic forms of contemporary societies? What is the function of a theater — as art form, as institution, as building? What is the function of its corresponding architecture? 

Theater can be considered as a space of translation, intersection and negotiation. We see theater as a model for staging societal relations beyond the theatrical.We are interested in the processing of reality. It happens that the exchange between stage and audience in contemporary theater leads to an inversion of the relation between actor and spectator, between stage and auditorium, between inside and outside — an inversion of spatial and societal relations. This studio aims to translate the reflective and transformative practice of theater today into a particular urban context.
Through reflecting, variating and then combining the former shape; two sides are created, which belong to the same mass. Entering to the space in-between  is possible from all sides, which leads to the unforeseeable theatre halls unintentionally.
This project consists three main parts. Research&Experiment, Shaping and the Result
Form Finding
Melted candles were cut vertically into 6 pieces and its sections were drawn by hand from both sides. Scanned, redrawn in 3D.
Up, down, turn around. 
Reflect, mirror, variate
to form a structure.

Physical Model Pictures
1:500 3D-printed model
1:500 Negative space model made with CNC-Machine by block material
1:200 Section Model, laser cut.
1:500 Section lines, laser cut
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