a european bench
Source: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Bildarchiv Austria
Recapitulating European Identity
a european bench is a re-conceptualization of one photograph encountered at the House of Austrian History ["Haus der Geschichte"] in Vienna. 

On that photograph taken in 1938, the year of Anschluss of Austria to Nazi-Germany. We see an ordinary Viennese bench that is still in use today but repainted in 1938 with a slogan: "nur für Arier" (only for Aryans). I changed this slogan in 2019 into "only for EU citizens" as Europe is turning more and more in a Fortress Europe.

It was exhibited in Kunsthalle Skulpturenplatz in May 2019, as the main part of the program Bitte seien Sie achtsam, andere brauchen Ihren Karlsplatz vielleicht notwendinger. The artwork received various interpretations, especially on its whiteness and brutal size; the textile as a white flag to surrender, the massive but fragile appearance that reminds of a custom gate as an entrance to Europe. Due it is central location, it became a tourist attraction too: many people came by, made selfies, posted them with the hashtag: #AustrianArt.
Various mixture of analog and digital techniques: 3D Modelling (Grasshopper, Rhinoceros), CNC-Milling (Plywood), sanding, sewing, spraying, painting.
statement position against censhorship in Poland by the PCAP Akbild
photo credit: Lia Castillo Espinosa
photo credit: Julien Segarra
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